LeBron James Gets EJECTED After Fight With Pistons' Isaiah Stewart

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    LeBron and Isaiah Stewart were both ejected. Russ was given a tech.

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    1. Kimathi Kirimi

      "Yeah I think he's a little bit upset".... you don't say.

    2. X BᴀʀBᴏsᴀ

      Actually what happened?

    3. JRTheBarber_91

      Bro Bron did that intentionally how they Gon let that slide? Lol

    4. LUIZ


    5. Perwira Arya 01

      he seems to have american football talent

    6. wnnalis cioov

      like he was fixing to steal on LeBron.

    7. OShane Spence

      If I was Stewart has i stand up and near James I would ground him right there

    8. Kamui Way

      1:24 Westbrook ready to throw hands😂 I love how he always tries to get involve

    9. Demitris Fowler

      So are we just going to ignore the fact that he tried to elbow LeBron first, so Bron just did it back oooor we going to act like Bron in the wrong

    10. Najee Bryant

      Nothing but arm tackles if he gets kick out if the league there's always the NFL man still has a future in sports if his basketball career is over

    11. garykurthaas

      Eject that big baby!!

    12. Jonah Reagan

      This is crazy James has been reckless

    13. H C III

      Stewart should have swung first and talk later. I would love to see lebron james knocked the f out

    14. Mike C

      Week after he Joins the NFL lol jeez

    15. Mike C

      Happy 75th

    16. mcrock231

      I thought summer Olympics was over. Plus, why is China wearing the colors purple, gold and black?

    17. Bob Smith

      Funny cuz he was face to face with Lebron and then did the hold me back

      1. Ryan

        If he were to hit lebron he’d literally be out of the nba

    18. ABob

      Lebron has gotten too comfortable riding Xi's baaws

    19. nick restrepo

      Westbrook woulda just folded like paper if stew got to him

    20. Latrease Coleman

      That angle fuckin sucked, we couldn't see what happened at all, but on another note, What was Westbrook squaring up for? He do too much

    21. Luke Prevette

      Lebron sucks

    22. lee TaNi


    23. Jhomar mendoza

      stewart is right.. because lebron absolutely elbow his left eye this is not defense. this is intentional

    24. King Pat

      Haha Ben Wallace headahhh

    25. Av

      Next day LeBron’s door gets smashed by Stewart

    26. Shel R

      Waits for half the team to get there before he starts acting like he wanna brawl 🤡

    27. Lucas Rabun


    28. OxyTW

      Where is Poppt1s comment 😳

      1. Gr8 M8

        Ah a man of culture I see

    29. Art Varnson

      I bet Jake Paul could knock out a whole basketball ball team in one night. 😆

    30. Gansta 5515

      He should have thrown a punch to LeBron at first,right after the thing

    31. Kyle Armstrong

      I love when their face to face he does nothing. 50 people holding him back, he rages😂😂

    32. LGKids

      Meanwhile in the world of reopening….

    33. Neco Ricar Asamra

      Im waiting for the Slowmotion😂😂why coz his supertar??

    34. Luke Kostiuk

      He crazy look at his face let him go

    35. Larry Medina


    36. David Flores Montañés

      Hola menuda fea imagen y ridículo.

    37. Big Kahuna Burger


    38. Wise Won

      "Throw Them Bows" Lebron Know He Elbow His Face...LOOK AT LEBRON ATTEMPT TO REACH OUT HIS ARM

    39. Chanel Kitchen

      That elbow was serious … woahh

    40. Romnick G

      This was awesome

    41. mon santos

      Stewart is a wannabe Dennis Rodman but over-doing and at the wrong times. Just got what he deserves😂

    42. Alex Vargas

      Funny how he popped off when everyone got around him knowing he's not gonna get to lebron. All show

    43. Gerson

      Bro.. maybe he’s just having a bad year. Cut the dude some slack. He’s not perfect

    44. Tierman Beats

      1:22 Westbrook showing him the hands😂

    45. Tmoney 503

      I got a tonal lebron James ad for this😂

    46. Beezai Sutar

      That's crazy brazy

    47. American Made

      I'd be pissed too. LeBron clearly dug that elbow in his eye.

    48. American Made

      This picture quality though 💪

    49. Onur Ş.

      Sob lebron

    50. phenomenal one

      Stewart is a comedy piece like peverly

    51. Boris l

      did stewart even want to fight him? he got in his face after getting elbowed like that and didn't do anything, only started to act like he wanted to get at him when he was being held back. But i guess it coulda been cause he saw he was bleeding and that made him snap, i mean anyone would snap if someone elbows them and makes em bleed.

    52. Heintje Delos Reyes

      nba becoming ufc

    53. Ms H

      Now this is ridiculous. Let see you get you face bust open and see how you respond 🤔

    54. Timmy Song

      I got a lebron James tonal ad before this 🤣🤣😂😂

    55. Witwicky

      Did Lebron got scared😂😂😂

    56. Danny Baltazar

      Don't let the king destroy you fool stewart Haha

    57. Charles Davis

      I bet that dude would have whoop lebron James Asssssss 🤣

    58. Timmy bee

      Young boy tried to fuck with LeBron and got bloodied the fuck up, if they would have let him go he would have gotten killed

    59. Adam Mahfud


    60. Kyle Elliott

      He was upset but wasn't gonna do shit. If he was really gonna do something he would've did it

    61. Whistler 97

      You know in wwe when they keep breaking free and charging one another 😂


      Talo n nmn, ang lakers kaya sinadya yan ni lebron

    63. Devin Gilliam

      I ain't going to cap, lebron hit that man wit some UFC shit, my man got right quick tho

    64. Elvin Pangan

      Why didn't he starts swinging when there was nobody to stop him🤔

    65. Anas ou


    66. rvsp89

      So, what happened exactly ?

    67. Jose Sanchez

      Cheap shot by lebron

      1. Vincent Williams

        He straight up punched Stewart in the face.

    68. seiom jvony

      “With the first pick in the 2022 NFL Draft The Detroit Lions select Isaiah Stewart.”

    69. Marip Opins

      Damn he should have played rugby 😂

    70. Barbara M.

      Not a LeBron ad before the video 🤣

    71. nas nas

      lebron go to the NFL league !!!!!!

    72. Hoe Hoe

      Wow, bleeding on his eyes but still like continue to fight, y can't show how de incident happened again

    73. Yugo

      LeBron would of rocked his jaw

    74. Dazzle Faulty

      Where James now the coward, wish they let him get to James

    75. SDW EST

      ok , from now on i'm not a lakkers fan .. i don't like dirty players

    76. Nessa Violet

      Issac Stewart went to my school .

    77. silent fire n raining heart ..

      Lebron hopefully was sued

    78. Handles2Sick

      Looking like he got drafted to the wrong Detroit team 😭

    79. Vidzz

      Lebron hid like a coward

    80. Parker Heiden

      Was a cheap ass shot by lebron. Wish they would show that in slow mo

    81. Calvin Neal

      That's Not Crazy!!!!

    82. Tom McGlone

      Good thing the Pistons fans learned their lesson in 2004. Or this could have gone from a little scuffle to a full blown riot like the Malice At The Palace

    83. theDarthLord

      I think he's in the wrong sport.. He should be on rugby

    84. Cynthia Byrd

      This is the 1st ejection LBJ has gotten since he's played basketball 🏀, not saying what he did was right, but everybody acting like he does this all the time. Head shots bleed more. Ijs

    85. mikea hiooi

      Lebron next Testimony: "That moment there when I was able to keep my calm, made me the greatest of all time"

      1. Shelia Mincey

        Bull crap👎

    86. S1iznc1d3

      Isaiah shouldn't b ejected. From wat i can tell, it looked like LeBron got violent and swung his arm to hit Isaiah with his hand to hit him off cuz i guess he got frustrated that Isaiah was overpowering him during the pushing. I think they can push each other, but not swing to hit.

    87. SarıKedi

      İsiah Tyson

    88. Yefiso Perez

      Wow... he got busted and ejected and the same time ...can't imaged how mad he was....

    89. Tommy Holmes

      I hate them

    90. Billeh

      Man I would have loved to have seen LeSnitch James get ko’d stiff

    91. Ronnie Richardson

      I'd a felt the same way I swung on my boy 4 the same thing not the face boyy!

    92. RobbieG

      If you watch real close at the beginning Lebron straight up elbowed the shit out of Stewart. I would be fuckin pissed too. That was a vicious move where Lebron knew he was hitting him.

    93. Azher virani

      he's got anger issues

    94. zanetti best

      Lebroon. Schit.. 🤡🤡🤡

    95. optimus prime

      Lebron next Testimony: "That moment there when I was able to keep my calm, made me the greatest of all time"

    96. Northwoods Peach Tree

      Great role model 👏

    97. Queen

      I mean... the man done split his face! Let him go!!

    98. Benkiss william

      You for punch james in eyes too

    99. bilinas mini

      Lebron next Testimony: "That moment there when I was able to keep my calm, made me the greatest of all time"